KDS Doll Contest

There are two categories. 

Cute as can Bee: Best reborn overall.

In this category, you will be judged on realism. The most realistic baby will win! Your contest baby will have to wear a Cute as can Bee onesie provided by the Kansas Doll Show.

Bumble Bee Baby: Best Fantasy reborn overall.

In this category, you will be judged on your creativity skills. Let your imagination run wild. Be Creative! The most creative will win! Your contest baby will have to wear a Bee Costume that you have made specifically for your contest baby.

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies for both categories. There will also be a trophy given for peoples choice award for both categories. The 1st place winner in both categories will win a reborn kit. 

Cost is $35.00 per entry. You may submit one baby per category. All entry fees must be paid in full before your submission will be accepted. Fees are non refundable.

KDS is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged display items or contest submissions.

All entries will be judged by an esteemed panel of Judges. KDS staff does not participate in the judging. Peoples choice will be voted on by all who attend the Kansas Doll Show. Everyone will receive ONLY ONE BALLOT per category to vote. There will be a ballot box near the contest staging area. 

You must attend the Kansas Doll Show on Saturday and Sunday to submit an entry in the contest. You do not have to be a vendor to enter in the contest.

Voting will begin on Saturday at 9:00 am until 3:00 pm. Entries must be picked up by owner from 3:00 to 3:30 on Saturday after contest ends. 

KDS has publication rights to all contest photographs. All photographs and information submitted may be used by KDS in promotional materials. 

The Kansas Doll Show staff will display entries on Saturday morning for the contestants. Owners are not allowed to touch their entry while being displayed.


Winner will be announced on the showroom floor, at Jenny Raymond Originals Booth, at noon on Sunday. You must be there to accept your award. 



All entries must be 100% completed by you! No one else may have worked on your contest entry.

You must attend the Kansas Doll Show on Saturday and Sunday to enter in the contest.

No illegally produced or plagiarized kits will be accepted.


Your entry baby must be newborn in size. 18 to 21" in length. Any kits this size can be entered in the contest, but must be legally produced.

Owners are responsible to bring posing boppi pillow, white blanket, no props for the "Cute as can Bee" Contest and a box to hold your contest entry and items mentioned above.

Each contest baby, must be dropped off with Jenny Raymond on Friday during 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm... outside of the showroom floor. Your entry must be placed in a box and ready to be displayed. Please include inside of your box, a note that includes the kit and sculptor's name. On the outer box, please write your name and phone number. 

Dolls NEED TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS!!! Keep them out of public display. Dolls submitted for judging cannot be published before submission. You are NOT ALLOWED to touch your contest baby while being displayed at the show during judging. You are also NOT ALLOWED to mention which entry is yours while voting is taking place. You may be disqualified if you fail to follow the rules as mentioned.

Dolls may not be sold during contest.

Owners are responsible to pick up contest entry after judging has ended on Saturday at the contest staging area! Vendors may place their contest baby for sale at their booth or table onced picked up.

KDS does not allow nude submissions.

Deadline to enter is July 1st, 2020!



Cute as can Bee baby Contest

Bumble Bee baby Contest